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for Graphic Designers!

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1. Apply as Platform Designer

More benefits for you by applying as designer (did we mention it’s FREE?)

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2. Upload Your
Best Portfolio!

Highlight your talent, captivate clients, and land new projects!

The more designs you upload, the more clients can choose your designs in our matching system

Our clients’ need ranges from booklets, posters, leaflets, digital art, and more! We highly encouraged to upload all styles of your work.

3. Match with Clients and Earn more

No need to submit proposals!
Get matched, we finalise quotation,  then project start!

Our best designers are earning up to HK$ 5000 – 30000/mo!

We help designers expand their market overseas!

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Do what you love and get paid as much as

30,000 HKD!

Benefits as Designer

Customer Support

We do all the presale, aftersale, and documents for you. Save time and focus on design.

Project Management

Manage communication, projects, and payment.

Revision & Collaboration

Upload finished design & get client feedback clearly.

We want YOU on our team!

Be part of our community of talented designers.

We want YOU on our team!

Sign up and be part of our community of talented designers. 
Enjoy higher earnings, time-saving project management, and the chance to be matched with international clients – all for free!
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